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              Document Camera



              We can provide best quality for Document camera & Visualizer according to your different requirement with competitive price.

              Below is just the normal one which clients buy in large order.


              Hardware parameters:


              1. Pixel: 8 million pixels (3264 x 2448);


              2. Zoom: 20x digital zoom;


                    3. Expansion port: 2 USB2.0 expansion ports integrated on the side


                    4. Support format: A4;


                    5. Fill light: LED fill light, three-level touch dimming;


                    6. Image format: PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP/TIFF


                   7. Video format: WMV/MP4/AVI/FLV;


                   8. Wall-mounted Visualizer with 2 pneumatic levers;


                    9. Computer USB power supply, no external power supply;



              Software parameters:


              1.  Visualizer software can realize one-button free switching between computer and desktop, and support the annotation and erasing functions of computer desktop.


              2. Visualizer software supports 10 points and simultaneous dynamic annotation.


              3. The software can freely stack pictures imported from the computer or U disk, and support 360° infinite rotation, zoom and annotation of animations and pictures.

                    4. Visualizer software with spotlight function, can be used to highlight and emphasize the key content, the spotlight transparency can       be adjusted, the spotlight area can be freely dragged, snapshot, and saved.


                    5. Intelligent Contrast Teaching: Supports the comparison of 1~16 objects. Users only need to select the contrast content, the                     software can intelligently sort and contrast; the booth picture and image in the contrast state can be freely annotated, scaled and 

                   360° infinitely rotated.


              6. Support high-speed / high-definition display mode switching.


              7. The software has brush mark, magic pen mark and graphic mark function, among which the brush mark can be used for the thickness of the pen, various lines and various colors.


              8. Software settings with brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, saturation adjustment, resolution selection, 8 language selection, multiple image format selection, multiple video format selection, default selection of horizontal and vertical images at startup.